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Tantric sex with Kavida and Roland
Kavida Rei - welcome to the Path of Tantra

This website is the gateway to Kavida Rei and an entire world of tantric lovers. It is here to provide contact, to show what we do as tantra teachers, tantric personal development guides, and deeply spiritual and sensual tantric massage practice. It is also an introduction to our tantra school and other peer tantric specialists in the United Kingdom.

We came together to offer true tantric practice, and to ensure professional care of students and recipients of our healing work. We have achieved this by building a system where you are guided on a complete journey into the deepest heart of tantra and of your being, to find your true self and expanded love.

 Tantra is an all encompassing spiritual path that, if followed with a pure heart, a strong will, and an ethos of open love for humanity and it's evolution, leads to the palaces of wisdom, understanding and beyond.

It is with this love in our hearts that we welcome you to the path, declare that we are here to guide you towards happiness and fulfillment in life, and while sometimes the path is not an easy one, it is with absolute clarity and a voice of union that we declare oursleves your guardians on this path of true spitirual tantra.

Teaching tantra to intimate groups

  The Gifts of Tantra

Naked tantra with Kavida and Roland

Live in love, bliss and ecstasy...

Tantric Sex teachers to groups, couples, and inviduals

 Private tantra sessions

for individuals, couples, and intimate groups

Kavida Rei is the gateway into a fabulous world of loving tantrikas. Come and discover how tantra transforms living to bring joy, abundance, true friendship, real love, and deeper relationships.

Learn tantra lifestyle and secrets in private with Kavida Rei ~ Tantric Goddess, world famous author of Tantric Sex and Ultimate Erotic Massage, who, with her devoted tantrikas in attendance, will take you straight to the heart of tantra. We are able to initiate and guide you with intuitive intelligence and empathic understanding. This powerful work is available for couples, singles and intimate groups.

When you open your heart, life is transformed. Tantra is a world of warmth, intimate communication and sensual delights. We are eager to teach you the magic of tantra through the practise of powerful tantric meditations and sensual, erotic, tantra massage.

Discover the joy of opening to deeper pleasure through awakening the senses.

You will learn through hands-on experience the magic and wonder of tantric massage enabling you to bring ecstasy to your partner.

Gain confidence in yourself through the practise of simple and effective techniques which transform your body and mind.

Learn the importance of creating a peaceful and sacred space full of beauty and softness so that you can experience the mystery and magic of tantra.

Transform your love relationship through a deeper understanding of the dance of masculine and feminine energies.

Study tantra in private with a loving tantric couple who are dedicated to the tantric path and live the lifestyle on a daily basis. It would be our honour to show you around the exquisite garden that is tantra.

The Gifts of Tantra

             - More fulfilling relationships         
             - Awakened senses
             - Laughter, love and joy
             - A clear calm mind
             - Mind-blowing sex
        - Abundant creativity
        - Erotic sensuality
        - Greater vitality, health and wellbeing
        - Expanded awareness
        - Mind-blowing orgasm

We are experienced tantra teachers who offer a safe environment in which you can explore the fascinating and enlightening path of tantra. It will be our joy and pleasure to guide and inspire you.