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The Path of Tantra

Tantra for Singles

- Discover who you were always meant to be
- Learn how to open more fully to receiving pleasure
- Become more effective in your life
- Fall in love with yourself
- Get yourself ready for a deep and fulfilling relationship with a partner
- Find a new depth of creativity
- Step into your true power
- Learn how tantra can help you manifest the perfect lover
- Prepare yourself for tantric sex

Using a combination of ancient tantra methods, massage and bodywork, counselling, healing and meditation, Kavida will take you on a journey to awaken your full
tantric potential. Learn the basics of tantra all the way to the most advanced practises.

Tantra for Couples

- Open your hearts to each other
- Gain confidence in revealing your true self
- Create more intimacy and trust between you
- Learn how to communicate more effectively with each other
- Become more powerful through the use of Sex Magick
- Drop limiting inhibitions so that you can have more fun in your sex life
- Discover tantric sex
- Fall in love over and over again

You can gain a useful overview of our tantric philosophy by reading Kavida’s informative, accessible and beautifully illustrated book ‘Tantric Sex’ published by Dorling Kindersley. You can order online or buy one when you visit.

Kavida and Roland best tantra teachers UK

Kavida Rei is the world renowned author of Tantric Sex

Kavida guides you on the path of love...

Kavida and Roland teach tantric sex

 Private tantra sessions

for individuals, couples, and intimate groups


Kavida and Roland teach tantric sexOur tantra sessions are perfect for beginners as well as advanced students. At the most basic level, as you take your first steps on the tantric path, you will discover the magic and mystery of tantra through fun exercises, heart-opening meditations and a series of easy-to-learn techniques.

Tantra is not a religion – it is a giant, human experiment which has seen the creation of ingenious methods that have been tried and tested over centuries. These simple and effective methods will awaken your senses and bring vitality to your body and a fresh perspective to your mind.

As you move along the path we will begin to teach you more advanced techniques. You will discover ways of using the breath that will bring you effortlessly into the present moment, enhance your sex life and improve your health in general. You will also have a direct experience of the chakras and learn about their importance in balancing your physical and emotional bodies as well as how working with them will improve the quality of your relationships with those around you.

Tantra is a lifetime of learning, endlessly fascinating and as you swim deeper into the sparkling waters of bliss we will make sure you feel safe. Our pleasure is to nurture and guide you on your tantric journey, getting the most out of your explorations.

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