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Defining the word Tantra

Sanskrit is the ancient, spiritual language of India, challenging to translate due to the fact that each word is multi-layered and comprises many meanings. 
It is certainly impossible to find one specific definition for the word ‘tantra’.  Some teachers have said that tantra means ‘method’, others describe it as ‘The Way’.  Others claim that tantra means ‘transformation’, or even ‘the transformation of poisons into nectar’.
In my own experience of exploring tantra over the last thirteen years, I have come to the understanding that all definitions are true.

Tantra as a path

Here is a metaphorical description of what it's like to live the tantric lifestyle...

Tantra union is spiritual sexlmagine you’re walking a path which is smooth and sandy. Deep in meditation, paying attention to each breath, you feel your feet connecting to the earth with every step. A weariness comes upon you from the heat of the sun and you spot a shady glade slightly off the track. You walk towards it and find a picnic laid out in the middle of the clearing.  You sit and eat, tasting each mouthful with full awareness, every bite bringing ecstasy. You fall into a state of  rapture as you savour the delights of this unexpected treat.  After a short nap, you remember that you were journeying towards a particular destination and you make your way back to the path where you resume your graceful stride.  You continue to walk for quite a while, until suddenly you notice that the path has become rocky and hazardous. You are no longer in control of your breathing and your steps are unsure. You are beginning to feel angry and frustrated as you realise it's taking too long to get to where you want to go. To your left you notice a shack with an open door. You walk inside where you find a large pile of cushions which you run at and beat with your fists, shouting at the top of your voice, "WHY is the path so hard? WHY?!"

After raging for a while, shedding tears and expressing anger, you feel empty of all emotion and in need of deep rest.  After a good sleep you wake up and remember the destination you wish to reach, so you head back out to the trail.  At the top of the hill, the path becomes smoother and softer again, meandering down to a stream where you can walk in the shade and regain your steady pace.
Joy permeates every cell of your body, as you stride onwards with a deep sense of purpose.

Tantra is the Great Experiment.  It has always been taught in this way – methods passed down from master to student to be ‘tried and tested’ over and over again. Like yoga, tantra can be ‘practised’ in a precise way, committing to a series of meditations which one undertakes with consciousness and intention.  On the other hand, one can also jump in at random, tasting different flavours and exploring various processes, meditations and fun games to find out what turns you on and opens you up.

Tantra, unlike other spiritual doctrines, includes sex and because tantra uses the mind, spirit and the body as a doorway to consciousness, it is considered the fast track to enlightenment.

Tantra - being with what is...

In tantra we embrace where we’re at. This is a radical departure from the ‘quick-fix’ mentality of our society where we’re constantly trying to find cheap and fast ways to get ‘better’, ‘richer’, ‘happier’...

Here is the true essence of tantric teaching – everything is perfect as it is.

Top Tantra Teachers UK   Kavida Rei & Roland
There is no right or wrong in tantra. Anyone, regardless of age, background, religious persuasion can practise it. Tantra is not limited to the flexible and fit and the meditations can be done as energetically or as slothfully as you like.

Tantra is an ‘inner’ experience.  It is certainly not dependent on having the right cushions or candles. In fact, getting fulfilled is not dependent upon having the right kind of partner either! If you're in a tantric relationship your partner becomes your mirror. They journey alongside you into the heart and soul of your own tantric experience.

In tantra we honour the divine in everyone and in everything.  One begins to experience more deeply, on a heart level, the simplest gifts: a breath, a hug, a shaft of sunlight through the trees on an Autumn walk – life transforms from black and white to technicolor.

There are many paths to spiritual enlightenment, but tantra is the most comprehensive of all, the alchemy of this magical science occuring in the merging of opposites and the powerful, energetic dance of polarities.  Male and female, heaven and earth, darkness and light, love and hate – all accepted and embraced.

All aspects of life are contained within tantra. Spirituality and sexuality are acknowledged equally and when there is no division - sex and samadhi become one.